What’s the Deal with Comedy Central’s Twitter Account?

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What’s the Deal with Comedy Central’s Twitter Account?

I follow a number of comedians on Twitter and also a number of comedy publications, so I think it’s safe to say I am generally kept abreast of comedy news, especially when you factor in PR emails and DM-slides with the latest hottest gossip. Which is why I think it’s reasonable that I do not follow @ComedyCentral, and why I have not, until a few days ago, taken a close look at the network’s timeline. Now that I have, I would like to say: How have none of you told me about this?!

As best I can tell, there are two people running this account. One of them is your standard social media manager, posting gifs and clips and screenshots of the network’s properties, plugging upcoming programming and old gems:

But then there’s the other person—or perhaps that first person’s alter ego, the Hyde to their Jekyll, the Peele to their Key—who appears to be an open mic comic:

That might be unfair to open mic comics. I know some great open mic comics! Maybe the better comparison is your average circa-2013 Weird Twitter account:


…is this for?!

Hey, Comedy Central: You don’t have to do this. You can tweet nothing but Detroiters gifs and I bet you’ll still edge out truTV in the 18-34 demo. (Also, please do more Detroiters gifs.)

But—but!—if you absolutely must tweet hack one-liners, I would humbly submit the Seth Simons Rule of Comedy Platform Twitter Accounts: every tweet must be at least as funny as the least funny comic on your network.

Does that seem too much to ask?

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