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The Best Tweets of the Week

One of those guys above has to be Hamilton. Right? I feel like all those dudes ran together back in the day, so if you see that many in a room together they pretty much all have to be there. Even Button Gwinnett, namesake of the dead mall outside Atlanta where they shot Stranger Things and also found a weeks-old corpse in the food court a few years ago. Doing Button proud all these years later.

Hamilton hitting Disney+ was the pop culture story of the week, but in the realm of things that actually matter, it was another barnburner of a week. The coronavirus continues to rage through America, our president continues to politicize and downplay it, and businesses continue to reopen despite the danger—including, somehow, Disney World. Meanwhile Ghislaine Maxwell is still in custody and shockingly still alive. It was a busy week, and it had some tweets in it. Check ‘em out below and make sure to follow every single one of these accounts on the Twitter app.

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