The Funniest Tweets About Twitter's New #280Characters Limit

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The Funniest Tweets About Twitter's New #280Characters Limit

We know how insular this is. If you don’t use Twitter, this means nothing to you. And if you do use Twitter, there’s still a healthy amount of “who gives a shit” circling around this entire situation. The gist: after a decade of limiting tweets to 140 characters, today Twitter announced that a select group of users will be testing a new 280 character limit. So tweets can be twice as long, which will most likely mean they’ll be twice as mean and bad and unfunny as they are today. That’s Twitter.

Okay, not all tweets are bad. Not all Twitter users are Nazis. Lots of people who use the site do have strong opinions about this change, though, and here are some of the funniest reactions to the news. You’ll probably notice one particular recurring theme, which shouldn’t be a surprise, since our president almost tweeted our way into a nuclear war this past weekend.

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