Bidding For This Bottle of Wine Starts At $7,500

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Bidding For This Bottle of Wine Starts At $7,500

Got 10 grand burning a hole in your pocket, and a hankering for some wine? I’m talking a lot of wine, 18 liters worth to be exact, enough to fill a few of those giant Game of Thrones goblets. NYC steakhouse Strip House, best known for expensive but perfectly cooked meat and some seriously good barrel-aged cocktails, is auctioning off what they are calling “New York’s largest bottle of wine.” This vessel contains 24 servings of a 2010 Croix de Beaucaillou, and sports a label designed by Jade Jagger, daughter of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger.

This bottle dwarfs those giant glass monstrosities you often see at red sauce Italian restaurants decorating the walls, and the liquid found within seems to be rather highly regarded. In addition to the wine, the winner will also get to invite 23 of his or her closest friends to a private meal at Strip House Midtown, at which the wine will be served and Corporate Executive Chef Michael Vignola will oversee the whole affair.

If you’d like to place a bid, congratulations on your continued financial success, and check out the details here. You have until midnight on April 15th, and minimum bids start at $7,500.