Harmonix Gets Psychedelic with Music VR

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Harmonix showed off their upcoming Playstation VR exclusive Harmonix Music VR, launching this October. This absolutely psychedelic game will come with four distinct parts, Polygon reports.

“The Trip” allows the player to experience a virtual environment that reacts to the music they are playing.

the trip harmonix music

“The Easel” is a 3D art creation tool that gives players the ability to create art and sculptures in a 3D space affected by the music.

harmonix music vr drawings

In “Dance Party,” you take puppet-like control of creatures and robots to start a dance party. The mechanics allow players to choreograph complex dance maneuvers and fill a room with synchronized performers.

harmonix music dance

Lastly, “The Beach” is a 3D environment players can explore and interact with.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 15.42.22.png

Harmonix Music VR will come with 17 songs, including a full album composed specifically for the game. Harmonix Music VR will also work with your entire music collection. You can put a song, an album, even a library on a USB drive, plug it into your PS4 and experience all of it in Harmonix Music VR. We’re looking forward to losing hours to this insanely trippy experience. Check out the latest trailer below.

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