Harmonix Makes Official Statement Opposing Trump’s Immigration Ban

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Harmonix Makes Official Statement Opposing Trump’s Immigration Ban

Rock Band developer Harmonix has joined the ranks of game developers speaking out against Trump’s recent immigration ban. In a statement released via Twitter, the studio cited the executive order as something “which runs contrary to our core values.”

As you can see above, the statement opens with the fact that Harmonix was cofounded by a middle-eastern immigrant, while many others at the studio are either the children of immigrants or immigrants themselves. They say that the “best of Harmonix flows from a diverse set of perspectives held by talented individuals spanning many ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, cultures, and religious beliefs.”

Last week, Venture Beat compiled numerous statements from game developers around the world condemning or speaking out against the president’s executive order. On Tuesday, we reported on such a video statement from Insomniac Games’ CEO Ted Price, in which he labeled the Trump administration’s actions “deplorable” and encouraged fans to make their voices heard in opposition of the ban.

Go ahead and check out Harmonix’s full statement below, plus Insomniac’s message further down.

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