Mech Brawler Override to Launch in December

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Mech Brawler Override to Launch in December

Who doesn’t love super fighting robots? Modus Games is taking their love for the genre and turning it into a game of their own with Override: Mech City Brawl. The studio announced Tuesday that their brand-new mech brawler will be arriving on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Dec. 4.

The announcement comes with a shiny new trailer showing off the game’s robot-on-robot action. Judging by the gameplay, Override looks reminiscent of old-school mech games like Armored Core with a mix of some of the brawling action from War of the Monsters. The brawler will feature 12 playable mechs for players to pilot, all with different skills and abilities. Players can customize these mechs in the Garage to give them a personal touch, adding different accessories and skins.

Override is also adding several different modes to the game:

Duke it out in 1v1 or 2v2 brawls
Unleash total chaos in 4-person free-for-all
Team up in 2 to 4-player party co-op – where each player controls one part of a skyscraper-sized mech
Go it alone in the single-player campaign

However, no giant robot fighting game is complete without large cities to rampage through. According to Modus Games, players will be able to duke it out in “fully destructible arenas modeled after real-world locations like San Francisco, Egypt, Mexico and Japan.”

Override most intriguing feature, though, is its co-op mode, which lets players control individual parts of a mech, such as the legs and arms, kind of like the Power Rangers forming the Megazord for the first time. It’s an interesting concept that is sure to make for some fun, if not chaotic gameplay.

Players who want to get their hands on Override: Mech City Brawl early can sign up for the closed beta that takes place next month from Aug. 10-12. The game will release with two versions: the Standard Edition and the Super Charged Mega Edition. Players who opt to buy the Super Charged Mega Edition will have access to the game’s season pass, which comes with four new playable mechs and 12 different legendary skins.

Override: Mech City Brawl will be available for $29.99 when it releases this December. For now, take a look at the mech brawler for yourself with the announcement trailer below.

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