New Overwatch Update Adds Deathmatch Mode

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New Overwatch Update Adds Deathmatch Mode

Overwatch has made a name for itself as the top hero shooter out there, putting a focus on objectives rather than straight-up kills. Well, if you’re that one Hanzo main who prioritizes getting picks over moving the payload, you’re in luck. With the newest update to the game, Deathmatch has officially arrived in Overwatch.

Two variations of Deathmatch have been added, one being an eight-player free-for-all, and the other a four-on-four traditional team skirmish. Free-For-All has a score limit of 20 kills, with Team Deathmatch setting the cap at 30—be wary, though, that resurrections from Mercy will actually deduct points from the enemy team. Both game types are available through the Arcade mode, with old maps reconfigured for Deathmatch and a new map called “Château Guillard.”

Along with the Deathmatch addition, Blizzard made some balancing changes to some of the Heroes. Notable changes include Junkrat’s ability to hold two (rather than one) concussion mines, some buffs to Orisa’s offensive ability and shield, Roadhog’s ability to heal himself while moving and some minor Widowmaker buffs. Additionally, console players on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One will be happy to know that they can now report players. The console community has suffered some issues from griefers throwing matches in Competitive Mode, so hopefully this system will help to alleviate that.

The changes to Competitive Mode are included in this update, and further updates to Mercy and D.Va are still on their way. You can play Deathmatch on Overwatch right now—well, at least after you download that massive update to your system. Read Blizzard’s patch notes here, and watch director Jeff Kaplan’s Deathmatch announcement from earlier this month embedded below.

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