Poop on Some Businessmen with Pigeon Simulator

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Poop on Some Businessmen with Pigeon Simulator

Pigeon Simulator is preparing to take flight. Bossa Studios, the developers behind the ever-meme-able I Am Bread, are back with another chaotic sandbox in which, as always, the goal is to unleash mayhem.

In a new announcement trailer, we’re introduced to a merry band of evil pigeons highly skilled at sowing chaos and happy to stage a “coo” in the streets

In the game, you play as a pigeon flying and warbling through parks and streets. And it’s a crapshoot, literally.

If you’ve ever dreamed of hurling a dangling body through a wall as a pigeon, you’ve come to the right place.

You can smash through windows, wear a nice slice of bread around your little pigeon face (perhaps, the slice of bread from I Am Bread?), and terrorize lowly humans by pooping on them, picking them up and dropping them in untimely places, pelting them with skateboards, exploding their cars and even murdering them. So basically all the normal shenanigans you typically see pigeons get up to every day.

This isn’t the first ridiculous simulator from the eclectic British developers Bossa Studios. They’re also the team behind the notoriously difficult and hilariously gory Surgeon Simulator and the adventurous I Am Bread, in which you play as a slice of bread on a journey to become toast.

Now, the team are flocking back to their time-tested, pleasantly dumb novelty set-up by letting you play as a mischievous winged rat, i.e. a pigeon.

No word on when the game will hatch quite yet, but the developers promise more information soon.

In the meantime, watch the Pigeon Simulator announcement trailer and check out these GIFs that capture the game’s comical magic below.

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