Get Personally Acquainted with Eskimeaux in "Drunk" Video

Music Video
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Touring can be hard on relationships—especially when you and your partner play in about half a dozen bands, as is the case for Eskimeaux’s Gabrielle Smith. In her new music video for “Drunk,” off Eskimeaux’s upcoming mini-album Year of the Rabbit, Smith sings about her busy list of obligations like half-remembered shows in Brooklyn, which impede on fleeting chances for a date night.

The song, like most of Smith’s work, is candid autobiography. Prior engagements pile up and even begin infiltrating her dreams, but Smith just wants to spend some quality time with her beau. In the closing couplet, she sings, “I don’t “just wanna fuck” / I wanna show you love.” The tenderness of the sentiment may not translate on paper, but coming from a close-up of Smith’s mouth, her vulnerability is obvious.

Year of the Rabbit is out on Double Double Whammy April 15. You can pre-order it here. Read out feature with Smith here.

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