Shkreli Cries, Twitter Laughs

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Shkreli Cries, Twitter Laughs

If you like schadenfreude, you don’t want to miss the story of what went down at pharma bro Martin Shkreli’s sentencing hearing today (spoiler: he got seven years, though not for the thing that should have ruined him). First off, his own lawyer said he sometimes wants to punch him. Second, the dude actually started crying. From Mashable:

Pardon me a moment while I prepare my sympathy face…ahem:

“Tough stuff. Really tough stuff.”

That's all I've got. But it's not all Twitter had—not by a longshot. The schadenfreude was thick in tweet-world, where a whole lot of people seemed to enjoy the idea of Shkreli in tears. Here's a collection of the best.