Report: Ted Cruz Expected to Endorse Donald Trump

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Ted Cruz was Trump’s final major opponent during the Republican primaries, and very notably didn’t endorse Trump when he spoke at the Republican National Convention back in July.

Now, the man who’s definitely not the Zodiac killer is apparently poised to finally throw his weight behind Trump, according to Politico, citing multiple sources close to Cruz.

The brief report, first alluded to in a tweet promising more details to follow, is all we have to go on for the moment. As of yet, there’s no official announcement from either Cruz or Trump.

Per Politico: “Asked about a possible endorsement, Jason Johnson, Cruz’s chief strategist on the campaign, responded with a photo of himself, with his hand over his face.”

Trump is doing well among conservatives, so it’s not clear how much Cruz’s delayed endorsement would do to his numbers, but if Trump did manage to swing his thorniest opponent over to his side, he’ll definitely enjoy bragging about it. Maybe Cruz is going to take over for Christie as Trump’s whipping boy.

More on this story as it develops.

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