Power: “Who You Are and Who You Want to Be”

(Episode 2.05)

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Power: “Who You Are and Who You Want to Be”

The audience can forgive a slow episode if the conclusion is one that meets our satisfaction, and boy, did Power nail this conclusion. While the writers of the show know how to work an introspective arc with perfect timing, “Who You Are and Who You Want to Be” felt as if Angela, Ghost and Holly were being edged towards a cliff, waiting to be power-kicked, 300 style. But those last five minutes gave us something even better—Angela finally found out the truth about Ghost. Do you feel that slow burn? Because, ouch.

This episode stands apart from others in the series, as an installment completely focused on angst. Our resident firecracker, Kanan, was sorely missed, but we were in need of a slowed narrative in order to watch Ghost try to get a handle on things—and failing to do so. You can see that he’s wearing himself thin; Tariq, his son, is lonely for him, Stern is the best/worst devil’s advocate, Tasha is angry, Angela’s about to be very angry—it’s a great time to pass out those umbrella drinks from Miami! Ghost isn’t handling things well, and it shows when he makes the critical mistake of calling a plan to action, without Tommy’s insight.

Tommy winds up saving their asses, and Ghost’s slight dip in confidence is palpable. It’s an intriguing dynamic to watch out for—if Ghost keeps messing up, will we see Tommy’s growth as a leader? Does one have to continue to have emotional baggage in order for the other to stand stoic?

Victor Garber as Simon Stern was a brilliant casting move. The man can play the Devil in twenty different ways, and I’ll always tune in to watch each interpretation. Still, I’m waiting for the dance between Stern and Ghost to stretch in to something dangerous—and the thought of Stern getting a physical reaction from Ghost’s straight man persona is one that could be extremely fun to watch. His latest gaffe in trying to ruin the other man was silly—a sex club, with hallways featuring a lite (white)-version of Beyoncé’s “Haunted” video. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry that Mrs. Stern was there, reading a magazine. I guess it’s okay to cheat when your wife is aware—very aware? Take note, Jamie.

Meanwhile, the Feds have Holly, and are interrogating her for information about Tommy. Angela is gnawing at her fingers to get a piece of the action, and because she knows Tommy, she knows how to get to his girlfriends. The new FBI agent herding the case is impressed, but they have a standoff of sorts, especially since she called Angela a little girl in Spanish. As a Puerto Rican woman myself, I completely understand why this exchange ruffles the character’s feathers—especially used, as it was, in a sexual undertone to undermine her capabilities. In the end, Angela can’t help but hold back pivotal information to use against the men.

After finding out that Holly doesn’t have a warrant in Ohio, Angela catches the woman in the bathroom to try and make a deal—and this is the point in which I’m going to have to use this quote, “If you search, you shall find.” Holly took great joy in this face-to-face, and I find myself respecting her character more. She remembered Angela from the club, knows that she’s the other woman, and knows she has an upper hand. Oh, and if we thought that Holly was a woman who didn’t care for Tommy, think again!

We have to applaud Lela Loren for her excellent breakdown in the women’s bathroom in FBI headquarters, after finding out about Jamie AKA Ghost. Because Oh shit . It’s about to go down!

Stray Observations:

Where was Shawn? Is he off driving duties for searching through Tasha’s bras last episode? Just wondering.

Another way to compare and contrast Kanan/Ghost—when it comes to fatherhood, Ghost takes the cake. He tells Tariq to be careful about breaking girls’ hearts, or not becoming a cheater like his father is. It was a sweet father/son moment—one that Tasha almost ruined.

Holly is a big trouble maker in Ohio due to, drum roll please…STEALING FROM A COUNTRY CLUB! I was hoping for something with more UMPH! Ah, well, the rich didn’t take it well.

“When you really love a guy, you stand by him. No matter what he’s done. If Holly really loves Tommy, she’s not going to say a word.” (Angela, foreshadowing her future, perhaps?)

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