The Funniest Tweets About Sean Hannity Being Michael Cohen’s Third Client

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The Funniest Tweets About Sean Hannity Being Michael Cohen’s Third Client

Michael Cohen, the Trump lawyer whose office was raided by the FBI last week, had a pretty exclusive client list. We knew he represented Trump, and facilitated the payments made to porn star Stormy Daniels. We knew he also facilitated a $1.6 million payment to a Playmate who got pregnant during an affair with Elliott Broidy, the former deputy finance chair for the Republican National Committee. We also knew he had a third client whose identity Cohen wanted to keep secret in order to preserve their reputation.

Judges don’t always care about reputations, though, and today Cohen’s lawyers had to reveal that third client. The mystery man was none other than Sean Hannity, Fox News’s chief braying jackass since O’Reilly was fired, who has regularly “reported” on the Cohen situation on his Fox show. Yes, purported “journalist” Sean Hannity regularly used his radio and TV shows to attack the FBI investigation into a lawyer who he was working with. That’s, uh, not exactly ethical.

Also, though, look at what we know about Cohen and his clients: they use Cohen to pay off women who could ruin their reputations. Is that why Hannity retained Cohen? Is that why Cohen didn’t want to reveal the name of his third client? What does this mean for Hannity’s future?

Well, for all that you’ll have to tune into our politics section. I can’t divine Hannity’s future—I am but a comedy editor—but I can tell you about his present, and specifically how he’s getting absolutely roasted alive on Twitter. That shouldn’t be a surprise; Hannity’s been a shameless partisan hack for over two decades, making a fortune off of lying to his listeners and viewers, and that’s made dunking on him pretty much an official sport for Twitter comedians. (Remember, this is the guy who had an absurd Twitter war with Jimmy Kimmel just two weeks ago.) Today might be a bad day for Hannity (whose daily radio show apparently started to confusion just minutes after the news broke) but it’s a good day for jokes about how terrible he’s always been. (Oh, and also a good day for America.)

Here are some of the funniest tweets about Sean Hannity being Cohen’s third client, from some of the best comedians on Twitter.

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