The Best Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes

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The Best Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes

While the biggest news out of yesterday may have been President Biden’s inauguration, the best news of the day was undoubtedly Bernie Sanders.

Bernie ended up going viral for a number of reasons yesterday, which either points to how much we all adore our favorite socialist grandpa or how bored we all are. His coat, which was the same one featured in a meme that took off last year, was heralded as a fashion statement. His mittens, gifted to him by a local (to him) Vermont teacher, warmed the hearts of folks who saw the story of them spread yesterday. There’s also a fancam.

And of course there’s the still of Bernie sitting, arms and legs crossed, that launched a million memes, proving once again that the combination of Photoshop and Twitter is the best curse.

Here are some of our favorites:

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