Barry‘s Sarah Goldberg and Susan Stanley Co-Create, Co-Star in New Dramedy Series

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Barry‘s Sarah Goldberg and Susan Stanley Co-Create, Co-Star in New Dramedy Series

There’s something ineffable about when real-life friends come together on a project. The chemistry is palpable, like between Jessie (Rose Matafao) and Kate (Emma Sidi) in Starstruck. And now, best friends Sarah Goldberg and Susan Stanley co-created and are co-starring in the new dark comedy series SisterS on IFC, according to Variety.

The program follows a pair of half sisters, one from Ireland and one from Canada, as they head off on a road trip to track down their alcoholic father.

Goldberg’s name will doubtless be familiar to Barry fans, which she stars in as the aspiring actor Sally (and received an Emmy nomination for in 2019). Hopefully SisterS will not be relegated to the same algorithmic death as Sally’s semi-autobiographical series Joplin. Stanley’s acting credits include Fair City, a long-running soap opera set just outside of Dublin.

SisterS is slated to be only six half-hour episodes long, following the unfortunate trend of shorter and shorter series lengths. The first three episodes will be directed by Declan Lowney, whose credits include half a dozen episodes of Ted Lasso and the beloved Irish sitcom Father Ted (he just really likes the name Ted, guys). The show was developed by Peer Pressure, Shaftesbury, RTÉ, and Lowney. SisterS is filming in Ireland now and will finish up in late June.

“We are thrilled to be making ‘SisterS,’ a character-driven comedic drama about how the absence of a parent in childhood can affect life in your thirties, and the macabre humor that can come with trauma,” Goldberg and Stanley told Variety.

Lowney sounds likewise enthusiastic: “I am beyond myself with excitement at the thought of spending time with Susan and Sarah. I look forward to the thrilling balancing act required to bring the drama and comedy of these beautiful scripts to life. ‘SisterS’ is a gift of a show for any director, and I’m so thrilled to be part of their family.”

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