A Futuristic Map of the Los Angeles Subway from Spike Jonze’s her

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Spike Jonze, wrote about a futuristic subway system in his most recent screenplay her, which he won a Golden Globe for this past Sunday. The light rail system interface and graphic elements designer, Geoff McFetridge, sent his map over to Gizmodo on Sunday.

her map.jpg

The map is an imaginary design created for the film, so it is not geographically correct, but it is an impressive system from the future that some may have been hoping for. The light rail operates from the Angeles National Forest to Malibu and consists of five different tracks. Some of familiar stops on the rail are in Santa Monica, Venice, and Highland Park. It even contains 3 stops at the Los Angeles World Airport. The gold and teal paths resembles the gold and expo metro lines and also closely imitate some of the current freeways in California. The orange line running over the Sepulveda Pass is close in relation to the 405 Freeway. California residents can look forward to a light rail coming to Santa Monica by 2016. McFetridge mentioned to Gizmodo, that he wanted to to point out that the transit is named Los Angeles Metro Light Rail and the logo he created has the tagline “From the Summit to the Sea”. Perhaps California Department of Transportation can use this map and the light rail in her to inspire them to create a faster way to get around their busy highways.

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