5 Awesome Drinking Apps

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Let’s get something straight. Drinking isn’t difficult. Walk into a bar, order a beer, drink the beer. That’s drinking. But drinking well? That’s a whole different story. What if you walk into a bar and order a bad beer? What if you walk into a bad bar? What if you can’t leave your house and want to make your own drink but don’t know how? What if you’re sick and tired of drinking the same IPA every damned day of your life?!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why God created apps. To make you a better drinker. So, here are five of our favorite drinking apps. Because drinking well shouldn’t be so hard.

Does it really happen if you don’t share it with an online community? Dubbed a “Drink Explorers Club,” Swig is a social network for drink enthusiasts. A community of bartenders, bar owners and “drink explorers” share photos & recipes of drinks they try, from cocktails to beer. You can keep a wish list of drinks you want to try and even see where specific drinks are served around you. (Android & iPhone, Free)

Beer Buddy
beer buddy.jpeg
This app connects you with Rate Beer’s extensive database of user reviews. Use your camera to scan the beer bottle’s UPC barcode, and basic info about the beer and user reviews will pop up. It’s like having your very own beer geek when you walk into a beer store. Maybe the best part of Beer Buddy though, is its ability to find your favorite beer based on your current location. (IOS/Android/ $3.99

Today’s Beer
today's beer.jpeg
The premise is simple: Everyday, your phone tells you about a new beer. You can tap the brewery’s name on the screen and it will take you to the brewery’s website. Think of Today’s Beer as inspirational beer porn. (IOS/Android/$.99)

Liquor Cabinet
liquor cabinet.jpeg
Here’s the situation. You’re dying for a good drink, but all you have is some bourbon, Blue Frost Gatorade, and a half a jar of olives. Is there a drink you can make from these ingredients? If so, Liquor Cabinet will tell you. Input the ingredients in your fridge and liquor cabinet, and this app will tell you what drinks you can make. (IOS/$.99)

Happy Hour by Hotspot
happy hour.jpeg
You’re cheap. Nothing wrong with that. Paying full price for a drink is for suckers. This app tells you which bars are having the best drink specials based on your current location. It has info for 100 cities, and it’s free. Because, you know, you’re cheap. (iPhone, free)

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