The Predator Is More Terrifying Than Ever in First Trailer for Hulu’s Prey

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The Predator Is More Terrifying Than Ever in First Trailer for Hulu’s Prey

The bow vs. laser showdown is drawing closer, as 20th Century Studios and Hulu today revealed the first full-length trailer to hotly anticipated Predator prequel/reboot Prey. Set in the early 1700s on the American Great Plains, the film reimagines early contact between native American Comanche warriors and the spacefaring race of interstellar big game hunters known only as Predators. Working with a severe technological disadvantage, a young warrior woman must channel her inner Schwarzenegger to confront one of the deadly, invisible menaces. Or as the official synopsis puts it:

Set in the Comanche Nation 300 years ago, “Prey” is the story of a young woman, Naru, a fierce and highly skilled warrior. She has been raised in the shadow of some of the most legendary hunters who roam the Great Plains, so when danger threatens her camp, she sets out to protect her people. The prey she stalks, and ultimately confronts, turns out to be a highly evolved alien predator with a technically advanced arsenal, resulting in a vicious and terrifying showdown between the two adversaries.

Prey is directed by 10 Cloverfield Lane’s Dan Trachtenberg, and stars Legion’s Amber Midthunder as Naru. Judging from the footage below, it admittedly does look pretty visceral—you get the Predator saving Naru from a bear attack, toying with Comanche warriors and their tomahawks, and flitting from tree to tree like a hulking but silent assassin. Perhaps this is the brutal throwback Predator that so many fans have been waiting for, especially since Shane Black’s The Predator was widely reviled? Granted, the flat English speech and American accents of the whole cast feels pretty strange, but beyond all probability, there apparently will be a Comanche language dub available on Hulu as well, which is pretty damn cool.

We’ll find out when Prey hits Hulu on Aug. 5, 2022. Meanwhile, check out the trailer below.

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