Watch the New Trailer for Run, an Eerie Thriller Coming to Haunt Your Mother’s Day Weekend

The film heads to theaters on May 8

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Watch the New Trailer for Run, an Eerie Thriller Coming to Haunt Your Mother’s Day Weekend

Mother’s Day, but make it dark. Aneesh Chaganty, the director behind Searching (2018), starring John Cho, now returns with Run, a forthcoming psychological thriller to be released on May 8.

Sarah Paulson (The Goldfinch, Glass, Carol) plays Diane, a mother who keeps a close eye on her homeschooled teenage daughter Chloe, played by new talent Kiera Allen. But tension brews as the daughter learns about her mother’s unexpected past.

Lionsgate, the film’s distributor, just released an official trailer, and it follows in a similar vein to the thrilling Searching: Like in his previous work, Chaganty explores the terror in discovering the the gulf between who someone pretends to be and who they really are. The high-octane trailer is punctuated by jump scares and shots of Paulson eyeing her daughter suspiciously.

Paulson discussed the plot of Run in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, saying that the mother and daughter “live a very isolated life, and they really only have each other. But Chloe’s at that point in her life now where she’s starting to want to explore beyond the confines of her very isolated life, which is very normal. But I think Diane finds that very scary in the way that most parents do, the minute their children are interested in flying the coop. Diane just may have particular feelings that go a little bit more to the extreme, is all.”

Paulson added that she admired Chaganty’s decision to cast an actress (Allen) with a disability for Chloe’s role, saying:

I really applaud him for doing what I think most people in this industry should find a way to do more of, which is about inclusivity in our world. People with disabilities are the most underrepresented population across entertainment and media, and the majority of those people are being played by actors without disabilities. Aneesh was just absolutely insistent that [Chloe] needed to be [played by a performer with a disability]. That in and of itself is an act of courage, because a lot of people are afraid to even fight for that, for fear of being told that that’s just never gonna happen.

Run will be released on May 8, or Mother’s Day Weekend, as the trailer tells us in shadowy red script. Watch the official trailer below.

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