Cocteau Twins Singer Elizabeth Fraser Announces First Full-Length Music Project in 20 Years

Listen to the Singer's New Operatic Score

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Ethereal pop darlings Cocteau Twins may have disbanded in 1997, but they remain an integral feature of the shoegaze landscape. For the past two decades, fans have held out hope for a reunion, but that dream has yet to be realized. Since the band’s 1996 final album, Milk & Kisses, singer Elizabeth Fraser has worked with artists including Massive Attack and released a couple of singles on her own.

Fraser, who was once described—to her embarrassment—to have “the voice of God,” has written her first extensive solo project. She and her husband Damon Reece composed the operatic score for Sky Arts’ new drama series The Nightmare Worlds Of HG Wells.

The Nightmare Worlds Of HG Wells is a four-film series based on works by turn-of-the-century science fiction author, HG Wells. The series will include performances by Michael Gambon, Ray Winstone and Rupert Graves, and is set to debut on Sky Arts January, 28.

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