Halloween Party Playlist: Upbeat Songs Where Someone Dies

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Hey everyone, happy Halloween! Here are some fun, upbeat songs that have people dying in the lyrics! Have a great night!

1. Warren Zevon – “Excitable Boy”

Death Total: One Junior Prom Date

2. The Decemberists – “O Valencia”

Death Total: One Lover (And Possibly a Whole City, Later)

(Bonus: For more Decemberists death content, go here.)

3. Bombadil – “Honeymoon”

Death Total: One Body in the Lake

4. The Jim Carroll Band – “People Who Died”

Death Total: So Many

5. The Shangri-Las – “Leader of the Pack”

Death Total: One Motorcycle Bad Boy

6. The Beatles – “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”

Death Total: One Pataphysical Scientists, One Teacher, One Judge

7. Dixie Chicks – “Goodbye Earl”

Death Total: One No-Good Husband

8. Johnny Cash – “Cocaine Blues”

Death Total: One Cheatin’ Wife

9. Nena – “99 Red Balloons”

Death Total: An Entire City!

10. Barry Manilow – “Copacabana

Death Total: One Bartender

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