The Jesus and Mary Chain Have a New Album Coming Next Year

The album will be their first in more than 18 years

Music News The Jesus and Mary Chain

CBC Music sat down to interview Alan McGee about Oasis and the documentary chronicling the band’s infamous sibling rivalry, Supersonic, and the Creation Records founder dropped a bomb about another British rock band he discovered: The Jesus and Mary Chain.

When asked about the possibility of the Gallagher brothers reuniting, McGee said there was no way it could happen. The interviewer replied that people said the same thing about The Jesus and Mary Chain, to which McGee responded, “They’ve made another album! It’s a big deal! It’s unbelievable. They’ve just made an album and I’ve signed them to Warners!” When pressed for details, McGee said, “It’s coming out end of next March. It’s kinda enormous!”

The news was later confirmed on Creation Records’ Facebook page, although an off-hand comment probably wasn’t the way The Jesus and Mary Chain planned on announcing the album. As such, there’s no tracklist or cover art at the moment, but at least we know something’s coming.

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