Thyla Unveil New Single “December” From Their Sophomore EP

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Thyla Unveil New Single “December” From Their Sophomore EP

Brighton dream pop group Thyla have released another cut from their forthcoming second EP, Everything at Once, out next year on Feb. 7. Their brand new single “December” follows the previously released “Lenox Hill” and “Two Sense.” Paste recently featured their debut EP, What’s On Your Mind, on our list of the 20 Best EPs of 2019.

Plagued with guilt and uncertainty, “December” finds frontwoman Millie Duthie reeling from personal turmoil and trying to put the pieces back together while the wound is still raw. “How does it feel to look the other way / I should’ve been there / Maybe I’m still afraid,” Duthie sings about someone she’s let down. The spacey rock track ebbs and flows with grace, and when it quiets, you can hear the hushed tremble in her voice as if on the brink of tears from an impactful memory that’s just resurfaced.

“‘December’ shows a more delicate side to the band,” Thyla says of the release. “Millie wrote the song for her sister who was suffering with some really tough personal issues. It came from a really dark and desperate place but the song manages to put into words what she could never say.”

Listen to “December” below.

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