Darren G. Davis

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The award-winning creator and developer of more than 100 titles, Darren G. Davis is one of the leading lights of independent comic-book and graphic novel publishers. He has masterminded several very successful comic book ventures including 10th Muse, Legend of Isis and InsaneJane. The latter is currently in production as a major television program. 

Davis, as the president of TidalWave Publishing (formerly BlueWater Productions), has developed several iconic titles over the past nearly 20 years including The 10th Muse for ImageComics. In that time, he has carved out a successful niche in the fiction world with successful collaborations with iconic genre heroes including William Shatner (Star Trek), Adam West(Batman), Vincent Price, Ray Harryhausen (Clash of the Titans/Jason and theArgonauts/Sinbad), William Nolan (Logan's Run), Roger Corman, and many others. These projects including "Wrath of the Titans," "Logan's Run Last Day," "TekWar Chronicles" and"Vincent Price Presents" have, in their own right, become part of the canon of each property. 

As popular as his fiction books, Davis is singularly responsible for the resurgence of the nonfiction comic book. With his partnership through libraries, school systems and other learning centers, Davis has dramatically expanded readership with his collection of biographies. These biographies, ranging from US Presidents and other political leaders to entertainment personalities to notable business leaders, helped redefine and reenergize a once-forgotten genre of comic books. His titles including Female Force, the national mainstream media has embraced PoliticalPower, Tribute and Orbit. 

Davis has appeared in many news features including CNN Fox News, The View, The Tonight Show, Vanity Fair, New York Times, and even, TMZ! Davis has enjoyed a long career in the entertainment industry. Starting as a salesperson at E!Entertainment, he went on to work for DC Comics, Image, and Wizard before forming his own production company. His very first independent creation, The Tenth Muse, became the 6thhighest grossing book of 2001. This is significant considering competition from well-known and well- established titles. 

In 2015, Davis started Stormfront Publishing in order to expand his professional experience into other media including television, podcasts and other multi-media ventures. Insane Jane is currently in production with Dollhouse alum Laurie Miracle attached to star in the eponymous role. Davis' 10th Muse and Legend of Isis has also been optioned and in development. Davis created Wrath of the Titans was produced by Warner Bros.in 2012. Several of Davis's other titles including Vincent Price Presents, Sinbad Rogue of Mars, RayHarryhausen's The Elementals and Logan's Run have been adapted as radio dramas broadcast byColonial Radio Theater over their SiriusXM channel.