David A. Zimmerman

Comic Book Character: A Catechism for Becoming Super

Comic Book Character: A Catechism for Becoming Super by David A. Zimmerman
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nonfiction Arts, Religion
For readers of:Donald Miller, Rachel Held Evans, Margaret Feinberg
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Publication Date2011
About the Book

We could be heroes . . . couldn't we?

Every year billions of dollars are invested in a modern mythology: men and women, from earth or from beyond the earth, blessed with powers beyond those of ordinary mortals, charged with keeping the world on the right side of good and evil. We pour our money into such mythologies because they feed our great hopes: that the world can become a better place, and that we might have something to do with it.

David A. Zimmerman grew up moving back and forth between the contemporary epic mythology of superheroes and a much older epic--the story of Christianity. In Comic Book Character: A Catechism for Becoming Super he explores how comic books and Christianity make sense together, and what keeps them forever apart. With character studies from Superman and Batman to Spider-Man and the Avengers, Zimmerman shows how masks, villains, sidekicks and suffering manifest in the contemporary world, and how, by the grace of God, we each could be heroes.

This ebook is a revised and expanded edition of the 2004 edition.

About the Author

David A. Zimmerman is an editor with NavPress and the author of Comic Book Character, Deliver Us from Me-Ville and The Parable of the Unexpected Guest. .

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