M.G. Stravagar

The Spiritrisen Golden Blood

The Spiritrisen Golden Blood by M.G. Stravagar
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fiction Fantasy, Travel
For readers of:Inspiration, Crime, hereafter, fantasy, Lois Lowry
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Thoughts from the Author: This book will alter your views on the criminal minded individual, which one does not see in a typical crime novel/story and gain insight into the life of a gangsta and his community. The e-book narrative and summery of the story line is a teaching moment, and can apply to your personal life, or career, and easy to read and understand. Effectively this eBook will change your life.

The New Crime Author M Emerald Presents The Spiritrisen series, Golden Blood, similar to Richard Matheson, What Dreams May come, and the Shack by William P. Young.In this latest crime fantasy installment the true purpose and nature of Cafes life is revealed, while a court room decides the fate of a terrorist group, Café must make tough decisions but will he recognize his options and opportunities in time or will he squander it?

Book Quote: In a Bottlegro ceremony the king of Vatal York throws ten bottles into the ocean filled with jewelry, knowledge, and a royal title, only those deserving can open or break the seal.Sample Chapter: Café moved closer to the king. “I don’t remember you at all why should we believe you?”The king paused. “You do not have to but you will in time, all of you.”“I can’t trust a man who talks without opening his mouth much.”King Himshe opens his scarf to show his other mouth hiding at the base of his neck. Café eyes opened widely.“That is one of the things I’ve always liked about you, you’re honestly.”

THEME: New crime, Murder, Gangs, Miracle, Afterlife, Supernatural

Inside you will receive the making of the story including a Secret Bonus!

About the Author

The New Crime Author M.G. Stravagar is a political activist, International speaker based in Queens, NYC. He is queried more than 18 million searches for his online eBooks. Over the years, a number of titles have gone under a change including the author’s name.Mr. Stravagar is a super memory hero, weaving some of his adventures and life experiences into his books, and has never had writers block. He is an animal person and enjoys a nice long island Ice tea.

As a child he fell in love with the written word, so much, that his local library kicked him out for using too much typing paper and told never to come back again this led to code writing and helped form a healthy mistrust of society’s institutions.

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