For fans of:Lecrae, Flame, Andy Mineo, This'l, Da T.R.U.T.H.

412 is a not just a hip hop group, 412 is a ministry and band of brothers that God strategically placed together to bring a change in this world and to infect anyone that they come in contact with faith, hope and the love of Jesus Christ. 412 members include YungRick, B.Holy & Big Nick. Three emcees from Dallas, TX who have a heart for ministry, love for music and an even bigger love for God. We believe in 1Chronicles 12:32 in that it is important to “know the times and know what to do.” We are not strangers to struggle and we know what it’s like to feel lost and helpless, but above all we know the ONE who the very essence of hope is and with that being said it is our life mission to make the name of Jesus Christ famous. We don’t just talk the talk but we walk the walk. We create “Life Music” that people in all walks of life can relate to, and that is what makes 412 such a special group.