Capital G

For fans of:Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Raskull, Pro Era, L.A. Symphony

So What Does The “G” Stand For?

Following the legacy of the generations of “Lozanos” before him, Capital G carries on the passion and drive to have a dream, and chase after it no matter the cost. Born and raised in Waco, Texas, Capital G has indeed come along way from the nights and days spent making makeshift “studios” to record numerous tracks by himself and with other young men who shared the same passion. Growing up amongst his father and various Christian Hip Hop artists and hip hop heads, had a heavy influence on Capital G. At the early age of 7, the hip hop culture paved the way, through breakdancing and graffiti which has developed into his desire to make music. Among his belongings you are certain to find notebooks filled with various sketches, graffiti art and lyrics that may have or have not landed on a track yet. The process is tedious and the road to releasing your first single isn’t an easy one. There are plenty of mixtapes, youtube videos, and local features that Capital G made happen with the help of his peers and family. At only 18 he has grown up quite fast in a family of 6, a couple of “in laws” and a handful of nieces and nephews who only know him as “Uncle G”. Along with his newlywed wife and the clan of Lozano’s behind him, the possibilities and opportunities that continue to present themselves to him are endless; Blesssed, is an understatement. This is only the beginning for the little boy, formerly known as “Baby G”, who used to run around writing his name on EVERYTHING, as we all do. That boy grew up and is becoming the man of God his friends and family saw in him from day one. He is evolving, and as he does, so is his music.