Courtney Ariel

For fans of:Sara Bareilles, Tracy Chapman, Alison Krauss

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Courtney Ariel Bowden combines her heartfelt lyrics, melodic voice, and gift for storytelling to create songs that are vulnerable and engaging. Born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in San Diego, California with a family that enjoyed an eclectic range of music, her parents also imparted to her the importance of serving others, dancing in the rain, and laughing loudly. Courtney has been collecting stories from the world around her and dreaming up melodies to help her tell them for as long as she can remember.

Perhaps it is her ability to wear her heart on her sleeve, or how unapologetically she expresses love, heartache, and struggles out loud to overcome obstacles. It could also be her refusal to subscribe to what people might expect for her to be that makes her so refreshing. Whatever the reason, she bares her soul and asks you to take her as she is.

In addition to singing and writing songs, Courtney loves kind people, being invested in her community, french fries and 90's alternative rock.