DJ I Rock Jesus


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For fans of:Hip Hop, Gospel Hip Hop, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Khaled, R&P
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  1. Intro
  2. Sufficient ( Feat.BreeKay )-1 another
  3. I Choose You-JP
  4. Hip Holy Music-Canon
  5. Walk In The Son (Part 2)-S 0
  6. Deception ( Feat.Luke Elay Smith )-Slave
  7. PMs Presidents (The Revisit)-Bias Truth
  8. Servitude-Davis Absolute (Prod.By Canis Major)
  9. Higher Learning ( Feat
  10. Higher Learning ( Feat.Uncle Reece )-Eshon Burgundy
  11. Welcome to America ( Mr.McDowell Remix )-Lecrae
  12. Interlude 1
  13. Plottin-Reconcile
  14. Sin in Me-Swoope
  15. Mountains-Sean C Johnson
  16. I Give You P O W E R-Soul Williams
  17. The Dynamic Duel ( Feat.Eshon Burgundy & Shaati & S O )-Stephen The Levite
  18. Storm Is Over ( Prod By Jim Rockford )-Calvin Martyr
  19. Talkin Bout ( Feat.Skrip & KIDD )-Witness
  20. Daily Homicide ( Feat.Th3 Saga )-The KENJEX
  21. The Growth-Big Fil
  22. Outro-Pastor Felix Moten
Tip the Artist $1 Suggested Tip
For fans of:Hip Hop, Gospel Hip Hop, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Khaled, R&P
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