Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke

Everybody Has A Purpose

Everybody Has A Purpose by Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke
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For fans of:Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Buddy & Julie Miller
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  1. - Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke - Everybody Has A Purpose
  2. - Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke - Veterans Song (My Brother)
  3. - Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke - Shadow at the End of the Road
  4. - Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke - Will Do
  5. - Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke - They Call It Romantic
  6. - Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke - Soldiers in the Army of Mercy and Peace
  7. - Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke - Just Want To Be Myself
  8. - Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke - Waiting for That Flower to Bloom
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EVERYBODY HAS A PURPOSE'When you say those words out loud you are empowering the world to perform great actions.When you believe what you have said you are allowing the people that you encounter each day to move in new directions in order to change the world for the good of all.Everybody Has A Purpose - is a change, a 180 degree redirection in the course of music.No whining voices, no fake <b style="font-size: 14.4px;">accents, no tired, worn out, rehashed, distorted guitar licks here. No singer/songwriter singing their diary out loud in monotone.These are songs of courage and perseverance. Timeless and universal, these are songs that are instant classics, they are bound to catapult Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke to the top of every conscious music lover's list of favorites.Years from now, when asked the question, "who do you consider your influences", the musicians of the future will answer "Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke" without hesitation.Prior to release in September, this record has already received a number of international awards as well as acclaim from music critics and praise from fans around the world.This is Folk Music for real folks, Country Music for the entire country, World Music for the whole world.</b>

For fans of:Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris, Buddy & Julie Miller
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