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Kenroy Robinson, also known as Kamelian, was born In Douglas

Castle Jamaica. A small town where things like food and water were scarce. This humble beginning taught Kenroy the importance of hard work and family. His parents worked in the fields to ensure a better life for their children. In 1989 their hard work allowed them to migrate kenroy to Newburgh, New York. As a young man Kenroy struggled between establishing a life in America while still embracing his rich Jamaican heritage. Emerging from this struggle was a unique balance between his past, present, and future. Kenroy will never forget his early struggles that taught him to take pride in everything he does, from his family and friends to his work and his passion for music.

Kamelians fusion of the two cultures sets his sound apart from others. While Jamaican artist such as Supercat, Bounty killa, and Bob Marley inspire Kamelian to embrace his Jamaican culture. His versatility shines through as he draws from American influences such as Tupac,Jay-Z, Mobb Deep, and Nas. The smooth transitions between music styles surpasses the average blend of the two. He is able to battle rap with American artist as well as collaborate with reggae artist and still gain respect from both sides. This talent is what influences his name. Kamelian takes pride in his ability to blend into both worlds with precision.

Kamelian is able to accomplish a lot with his music career. He teamed up with Piranha Music artist; Lockness, Terror, and L-Boom and performs in clubs like Nells, Demarraras, and the Chance. The reaction from fans was positive. People who did not already know about Kamelian wanted to know more about his music, future performances, and the possibility of collaborating with other artists. Kamelian was also able to open for one of his favorite groups, Mobb Deep. This was an experience that helped him to maintain his values of never giving up. Kamelian performed at Sullivan Community college and got his music played on local radio stations. Kamelian received approval from Kiss it or Diss it; a critical radio show that does not shy away from embarrassing artist if their music is deemed not worthy by listeners. Songs like NY to JA, Fallin, and Know Who You Are truly shows why kenroy is called Kamelian. Similar to the life he leads, his music expresses the blend of his two cultures while vastly appealing to individuals of all backgrounds.