Los Angeles, CA
For fans of:Adele, Erykah Badu, Sam Smith, The Robert Glasper Experiment, Amy Winehouse

OhannonPhiladelphia born songwriter and vocalist Ohannon sings poetic songs that chronicle his journey as an adventurous soul ever curious about mysteries of the universe. His multidimensional sound mingles elements of R&B, rock, pop, jazz and hip-hop that are filtered through bold melodies, ear-pleasing harmonies and exhilarating rhythms. And his graceful lyrics dive headfirst into the shared experience of being human, posing questions about the mysteries of love, loss, self-discovery, dreams, perseverance and joy. Ohannon’s kinetic artistry and warm spirituality sparkle through his performances and recordings and invite listeners into his imaginative inner realm. A colorful spectrum of music is embedded in Ohannon’s DNA. Raised within a family of songwriters, his passion for singing began in church. He traveled the world as a military brat, soaking up the art and customs of diverse cultures, and his musical passion evolved into a bold and bona-fide love affair with how chords and different styles of music could rendezvous to express poignant feelings and impressions. Attending music school and exploring the work of pioneering, smooth-voiced storytellers such as Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday solidified his resolve to write classic songs with a fresh twist that strike a universal chord.

Now, Ohannon continues to experiment with different flavors and beats as he commits to making emotionally electric music that illuminates his heart and mind and celebrates his on-going growth. His first EP, Art Over Accolade was released in 2014. The album featured songs co-written by his songwriting partner Robert Trapp and was produced by multi-instrumentalist and producer Chris Warrior (Warrior Creations). He has recently added drums to his repertoire and is building a robust backing band for live shows. His next five-song EP will release at the end of 2015.