Sarai Juelz

For fans of:Keyshia Cole, Aaliyah, Beyonce
Born and raised in the Red Clay part of the world...Sarai Juelz (suh-rye ju-wellz) born Kimberly Howard comes with a heart built with fire and desire and promises to not make her renaming herself in loving memory of her children Sarai Imani and Zion Juelz in vain. An innocence compared to Aaliyah...a raw edge like Beyonce...the mental temple of Erykah Badu...and a relatable soul like the one we find in Mary J. Blige, she welcomes you to her world. She has dedicated her music and writings to helping women Fight Ugly Girl Syndrome and has created a fan club centered around this theme. She also wants to be known as a songwriter. "I hope to build and expand on what Ester Dean has started with Black Music in this era, and I want to channel her in the ability to write in all genres. She's a musical genius and I can't wait to hear what she has planned for her own album." Anthem, an album dedicated to surviving heartbreak hits stores soon!