Scott Fleenor

For fans of:Amos Lee, John Legend, Donny Hathaway
I'm a singer/songwriter born and raised in Winfield, Kansas. I attend the University of Central Oklahoma and I study Commercial Voice. I started writing around the age of 19 and have been experimenting off and on with different styles. I'm well known for singing soulful tunes from Donny Hathaway to Sam Cook. But my tunes for my Self titled E.P. are mixtures of pop/soul, and even my roots, the blues. Everyday I get asked by friends and family if I'm almost famous yet. Well, the truth is that's everybody's dream in the music industry. I would be lying If I said I didn't want that to happen, but as long as I'm making a living off what I love to do, then you'll see a smile on this mans face. I continue to work on music everyday and constantly think of my next steps into making my goals reality.