Shannon LaBrie

War & Peace/Songs From The Smoakstack

War & Peace/Songs From The Smoakstack  by Shannon LaBrie
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For fans of:Jeff Buckley, Ryan Adams, James Taylor, Jenny Lewis, Lauryn Hill
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  1. It's Political
  2. Alcohol (Acoustic Version)
  3. Heaven Crashed Down
  4. Generation
  5. Half of It

This sampler features songs from Shannon LaBrie's sophomore album War & Peace and her EP Songs From The Smoakstack.

Nashville’s Shannon LaBrie is excited to announce the album release party and show for War & Peace on May 4th at the High Watt. Get tickets here:

War & Peace is a female coming out record of sorts. It’s LaBrie, flexing her emotional and artistic muscles. Allowing herself to be completely vulnerable in her writing, digging deeper into some very dark feelings, and standing strong behind her opinions and convictions, not worrying about political correctness.

LaBrie wrote War & Peace after her and her partner lost their baby boy in the middle of their pregnancy. After the loss LaBrie felt like she was at war with the entire world, including herself. This experience was a very hard, yet powerful lesson on life being short, which pushed her into focusing on what was really important. So LaBrie left all of her political correctness at the studio door and with this record decided to speak her mind. She turned her acid tongue loose on her disdain for politicians on the fiery single “It’s Political,” on “Against the Wall” she lashes out against social media and how people can hide from reality behind a screen, and with “Weight of Your Words” looks at how powerful words can really be and that we should all think before we speak because we have no idea what the receiver of our words has been through.“

"LaBrie's rich voice anchors the record, atop layers of acoustic guitars, as well as sometimes bursts of electric for emphasis, but the real focus is on the vocal melodies.” - All Music War & Peace is a female coming out record.

She separates herself from the rest of her cohorts with insightful stories and a haunting sensual voice.” - Kings of A&R

“The tracks primarily deal with the politics of culture and the experience o f living as a human, unafraid to confront the unpleasant atrocities of each.” - Philthy Magazine

The album has been lauded for it’s honestly, incredible production and has garnered LaBrie some well deserved comparisons to soul bearing artists like T-Bone Burnett and Jenny Lewis. Paste Magazine said the album possesses “ ... instrumentals that sound like they could have come straight from Jenny Lewis’ The Voyager,” and Elmore Magazine said “LaBrie reminds one of an early T-Bone Burnett – nudie suit, snarled lip and all – with the sensibilities of Jenny Lewis.”


Shannon LaBrie - Writer Credits

1. It's Political: Shannon LaBrie (BMI, LaBrie Music); Kenny Childers (ASCAP, Broadripple Nightclubs Music)

2. Alcohol (Acoustic Version): Shannon LaBrie: (BMI, Laurie Music)

3. Heaven Crashed Down: Shannon LaBrie (BMI, Laurie Music)

4. Generation: Shannon LaBrie (BMI, LaBrie Music)

5. Half Of It: Shannon LaBrie (BMI, LaBrie Music)

For fans of:Jeff Buckley, Ryan Adams, James Taylor, Jenny Lewis, Lauryn Hill
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