For fans of:My Ticket Home, Sworn In, Left Behind, Slipknot, Tool

Psychedelic Nu-Metal band from Maryland. We strive to imitate the brain's inherent fixations on existential dread, and to create a truly unforgettable auditory experience for our listeners by using psychoacoustics in combination with tried and true psychological methods for conditioning our listening audience to associate the experience of listening to our music, with an overwhelming sense of unease and discomfort that'll keep you guessing, and eager to come back for more of the bizarre artistic experience that is what Civil., at it's core, is truly all about. We're heavily groove-oriented, rhythm guitar driven. As the lyrics of each song is most often what drives the core being of the songs we write, our lyrics will always strive to create top tier, straight-forward, aggressive, and emotionally impassioned song material for our listeners.