White Morning

For fans of:Seven Lions, Blackmill, Adam Young, Porter Robinson, M83

All White Morning music is created by Scott Miller. Scott was raised in Denver, CO. He started playing music at 5 years old, and mainly taught himself everything by ear. He has played in multiple bands ranging from alternative rock to screamo to electro pop. He has a unique mind that allows him to come up with unique ideas and see how the boundaries of music can be pushed.

White Morning was started in November of 2010. The original idea of the project was to dedicate half an hour each day to writing music that reflected the heart of Scott. At the end of each week, he would compile it all into one song and name it simply what number it was in the series. This idea eventually turned into composing random songs and experimenting with different sounds and instruments. This became his "Experiments" album.

Since then, White Morning has become an outlet for Scott to showcase all of his compositions. This includes remixes, instrumental albums, film scores, and electronic/dance songs. Scott stays true to composing what is held deep in his heart. It is expressed through different styles and ideas of music.