Does Donald Trump Cheat at Golf? Anthony Anderson Chimes In

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The question of whether Donald Trump cheats at golf is such a pressing one in the current political climate that the Washington Post did a whole feature on it. Their conclusion? Yup, he’s pretty much a cheater. At least according to everyone who has ever played with him.

Last month, Samuel L. Jackson appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and confirmed what we always thought—Trump cheats at golf. The two were enmired in a Twitter feud at the time, and Jackson said that Anthony Anderson, star of Black-ish, could back him up.

Anderson appeared on Meyers’ show last night, and doubled down on Jackson’s story. “I’m not going to say Trump cheats,” he said. “His caddy cheats for him.”

In fact, Anderson goes a step further, saying that Trump cheated “multiple times.” Watch the video above for other stories, and Anderson’s take on the Oscars race controversy.

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