The Death of Love: Marianne Williamson Drops Out

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The Death of Love: Marianne Williamson Drops Out

Why does this one hurt so much? Spirit guide and author Marianne Williamson officially dropped her 2020 presidential bid on Friday, just days after laying off her entire campaign staff. Williamson, whose approach to campaigning has focused on feelings, not finance, tenaciously held onto her bid despite not qualifying for the third DNC debate. Williamson, who often expressed frustration with the Democratic party, was something of an outlier maverick noted for her purported desire for “social revolution.”

The candidate had trouble gaining traction during her campaign road due to her crunchy, “psychic” approach to America’s issues, as well as a thinner-stated platform than the other potential Dem nominees. Despite this, she garnered a sort of cult, sometimes-ironic, sometimes-not following because of her mystic debate appearances, philosophical tweets and well-intentioned concern for the country’s mental health. She will be remembered as a unique and evocative candidate who managed to carve out an impact despite her poor polling.

In honor of Williamson’s drop-out, read”our interview with her from November and also peruse a curated list of some of her best tweets below. Let’s all pour one out for Mother Marianne.


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