Madden NFL 19 Announced, Release Date Revealed

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Madden NFL 19 Announced, Release Date Revealed

EA’s yearly sports franchise has just found its entry for the year in Madden NFL 19, which features Terrell Owens on the cover of the game’s Hall of Fame edition. Yes, as always, there are numerous editions of Madden NFL 19 that benefit players who enjoy the Ultimate Team mode, and the Hall of Fame edition grants players three-day early access to the game.

Madden NFL 19 is set to immerse players in a way that no previous Madden game has been able to, and they are aiming to achieve this immersion with the implementation of the new Real Player Motion Technology system. It is a new player animation system that further deepens and realizes player personality, as well as more responsive, momentum-based motion so that every cut, juke and tackle looks as real as possible. Uncanny valley? Maybe. Carlos Guerrero, senior producer of Madden NFL 19 said in a statement, “We’ve worked directly with community members on Madden NFL 19 to make a deeper, more immersive football game that gives players what they want—more choice, more control,” and the new animation system seems to stem from said community interaction, amongst developer work.

The titular Franchise and Ultimate Team modes are seeing updates as well in order to make the player experiences as rewarding, fun and malleable as possible. Franchise mode now has a custom draft class creator where players can create their own draft classes—this has been wanted by fans for ages. Also, Ultimate Team is also being graced with the addition of single-player challenges that will play into new leaderboard and reward systems.

The franchise is usually consistent in quality and always a fun couch co-op, pass-and-play experience. The reliance on stats also makes the Madden series RPG-like in a sense. Yet, for as fun as they are, everything is political—yes, even sports. Thus, it is hard to get too excited about supporting a product of the NFL, although the series is usually worth the attention of videogame players and sports fans alike.

Madden NFL 19 releases worldwide on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Aug. 10, but Hall of Fame edition owners will be able to play the game early on Aug. 7.

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