Watch These Disturbing Promos for Channel Zero‘s Season 3, “Butcher’s Block”

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Watch These Disturbing Promos for Channel Zero‘s Season 3, “Butcher’s Block”

In its first two seasons, SyFy’s Channel Zero has established itself as one of TV’s most intriguing, underseen horror properties. Its creepypasta-inspired (creepypastas as essentially internet urban legends) storylines have been presented in a way that has been both stylish and mindbending; a seasonal horror anthology with a deeper and more cerebral purview than the likes of American Horror Story. It was clear in our interview with series creator/writer Nick Antosca that he views each season of the show as a disparate artistic experiment, working with emerging young horror directors to capture freshly unnerving takes every time.

That brings us to the third installment of the show, Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block, which is coming our way in 2018. Based on the eight-part creepypasta known as “Search and Rescue Woods” by a Reddit writer of the same handle, it’s hard to tell exactly where this story is leading us, but the imagery is appropriately horrific. The original creepypasta, however, is described thusly:

The story follows the experiences of its narrator, an unnamed SAR officer working in a national forest, as he recalls stories of supernatural happenings, strange disappearances, and mysterious staircases in the middle of the woods.

In the last 24 hours, a series of promo videos has appeared on the web that seem to highlight a number of these elements, including those mysterious staircases. Check them all out below, as each one lasts for only a few seconds.

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