HEADIS: When Soccer and Table Tennis Combine

Soccer Video
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Table tennis plus soccer equals the new sport of HEADIS, invented in Germany in 2006. Played on a table tennis table, with a large rubber ball, competitors rally the ball back and forth, working to outmaneuver and misdirect each other just link in table tennis, only instead of a paddle they use their forehead.

HEADIS Tournaments started up in 2008, and the above video shows the Top 10 rallies from the 2014 HEADIS World Cup, which took place in Kaiserslauten this summer. We can safely say that Germany currently rules this version of soccer as well as the version we’re all more familar with.

My favorite thing about HEADIS is the players lying chest down on the table in attack mode, ready to deliver the killer blow, something which the excellently named “Lord Voldehead seems to excel at,” but my favorite HEADIS player might be “Sniper,” purely for the dastardly headfakes he pulls out in clip #7.

You can’t watch the above video without wanting to give HEADIS a go. My advice: DO try this at home. DON’T expect your rallies to look like those in the video.

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