Daily Dose: J Hacha de Zola, "Lightning Rod Salesman"

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Daily Dose: J Hacha de Zola, "Lightning Rod Salesman"

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The artist known as J Hacha de Zola is a wild man in the vein of such fire breathing artists like Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and Captain Beefheart. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find him emerging from a coffin onstage or sending his backing band through the conceptual wringer while writing songs in a secluded location.

Whether that’s true or not, what we do know about Hacha de Zola is that the singer/songwriter from New Jersey stirs up a dark and alluring musical potion that is mixed from equal parts blues, world beat, jazz, and gothic rock. All the better to accompany his powerful voice and mysterious lyrical notions.

On Hacha de Zola’s latest magnum opus Antipatico (out on October 6th) he’s joined by some equally spirited players like Tom Waits sideman Ralph Carney, former Morphine member Dana Colley, Klezmatics trumpeter Frank London and array of other mystical musicians that give each song its uneasy swing and devilish energy. Check out just one taste of the action with the track “Lightning Rod Salesman” below.

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