Storytown Proves to be a Band to Watch in 2018

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Storytown Proves to be a Band to Watch in 2018

Hailing from New York, Storytown is a band you need to know, now! Currently sharing the new single "I Am More Than This," the group spearheaded by Guy Story, is a breath of fresh air in the rock n' roll world. Compared to the likes of REM and the Talking Heads, their classic indie sound brings to the universe an eclectic writing approach with stunning instrumentation and lyricism to boot.

Listen to Storytown's latest single: - I AM MORE THAN THIS

Frontman Guy Story shares of the band's music:

"I think of every song as a place, a little world with its own personalty, its own feeling and energy, populated with its own inhabitants and its own internal logic.  So STORYTOWN is a kind of town or city full of interesting areas and neighborhoods — songs — each with its own backstory and feeling.  STORYTOWN doesn’t exist in any real place and time, but it’s a place you want to visit and explore again and again, offering an variety of intriguing places to visit — exciting, sad, pretty, provocative, mysterious, and fun."

Guy Story has been playing guitar since his early teens and was unable to avoid playing in various bands over the years while pursuing a career in technology (Bell Laboratories,, Amazon). Taking a break from technology to focus on making the best music he can from his songs, he has teamed up with bassist Rick Wagner, keyboardist Charly Roth, and drummer Tony Cruz, to create an eclectic sound that entices from start to finish. What does 2018 bring further for the band? We'll have to wait and see.... 

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