Watch: Nate & Bob Odenkirk Discuss Their New Audio Drama Summer in Argyle

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Watch: Nate & Bob Odenkirk Discuss Their New Audio Drama Summer in Argyle

Though Bob Odenkirk will soon be back on our screens for the final season of Better Caul Saul, you can see—or at least hear—the actor take on a very different kind of role in the new Audible Original Summer in Argyle.

A true family affair, the audio drama is co-written and co-produced by Odenkirk and his son Nate, and Bob’s wife Naomi serves as an executive producer. Summer in Argyle is set in the eponymous fictional small town, founded by those who settled for Ohio while on a journey to California.

During South by Southwest 2022, the father-son duo filled us in on their new audio series and what it is like to work on a project like this together. Summer in Argyle is currently available on Audible and is a hilarious listen. In the meantime, take a look at this preview they shared with us about the show!

Featuring plenty of famous voice actors, including Brian Posehn, Andrew Freidman, Tim Robinson, Carl Tart, Stephanie Courtney, Stephanie Hsu, Lyric Lewis, David Cross, and Doug Benson who was actually at this event!.

The synopsis describes the audio drama’s story.

Argyle, Ohio: a town full of strange people, where not a single resident has ever won anything. When high schooler Richie McDonough dies mysteriously at the July 4th Hotdog Eating Contest in 2013, the community is shaken to its core.

Summer in Argyle premiered on March 10 on Audible. Episodes run about 20 minutes.

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