River Jordan: Saints in Limbo

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River Jordan: Saints in Limbo

“It was a day when even the lost believed.”

River Jordan’s third novel is a Southern Gothic masterpiece.

When an unnatural visitor calls on an elderly widow, Velma True, he gifts her with a bewildering object – one that catapults her through “echoes in time.” As she struggles to find meaning in memories that simultaneously soothe and sadden her, Velma shares the strange, regret-filled occurrences with people closest to her, unwittingly placing them all in danger from an ominous, menacing force.

Jordan seamlessly weaves her characters into this tale of longing, where the desire for one more chance, for the ability to change the errors of the past, merges with hope for what lies ahead. Eloquent phrasing, always a staple of Jordan’s writing, breathes life into pages. Her plot moves quickly, and as events race toward an inevitable confrontation, the survival of the delicate lives Velma has unwittingly bound together is thrown into question.

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