The Funniest Election Tweets

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The Funniest Election Tweets

All politics are local, and all elections matter, and just because last night’s election wasn’t about presidents or senators or representatives doesn’t mean it wasn’t important. In fact, with Democrats basically doing better than expected almost nationwide, winning the major gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey and picking up state legislature seats throughout the country, it’s easy to see this election as a repudiation of Donald Trump. At least that’s what the pundits and talking heads on the cable news networks are saying. (Not on Fox News, though, of course. They preferred to relive the 2016 election and focus on Trump’s trip to Asia, barely mentioning yesterday’s races.) And wherever Trump or serious political issues are involved you can expect a ton of jokes on Twitter. Here are the funniest jokes about last night’s election from some of the best minds on that app.

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