Seeso Subscriptions Will Be Available Through Amazon Prime This Spring

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Soon it’ll be easier to watch Seeso, the comedy streaming service launched earlier this year by NBC Universal. Today the company announced that Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to subscribe to Seeso and watch its streaming library through Amazon Video. That includes originals like Bajillion Dollar Properties, The UCB Show and Hidden America with Jonah Ray; stand-up specials like Cameron Esposito’s Marriage Material; and such classic programming as Saturday Night Live, Parks and Recreation, The Kids in the Hall and more. The subscription will cost $3.99, the same as if you subscribed to Seeso without going through Amazon.

You might be wondering why this matters, if Amazon Prime subscribers aren’t getting any kind of a discount on a Seeso subscription. The reason this stands out to me is because I’ll finally be able to watch Seeso on a television. That’s already possible if you use Roku or Chromecast or have a smart TV. I don’t have any of those things. I do have an Amazon Prime account and various videogame consoles that all have the Amazon Video app, so now I’ll be able to stream this stuff straight to my television. For a guy who spends his entire work day sitting in front of a computer, and thus has no desire to watch any television on a video screen when the work day is done, this is a fairly exciting development.

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